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Emergency Medical Services

In January of 1994, the SFD First Responder Program began. In addition to EMT or First Responder training, all personnel were trained and certified in the operation of automatic defibrillators (AEDs) for cardiac emergencies. The SFD was the first to provide a defibrillator program in the State of Wisconsin.

Today, the City of Sheboygan Fire Department operates three full time paramedic level ambulances out of three stations located strategically throughout the City of Sheboygan to assure the fastest response time possible to requests for assistance. These are staffed 24/7 with experienced firefighter/paramedics that also serve as firefighters for fire responses. A fourth ambulance is placed in service during peak times when staffing allows.

Complementing the response of the ambulances are medical first response capable fire vehicles staffed with EMT and Paramedic level trained personnel. The first response vehicles respond in support of paramedic ambulances to provide not only a faster response at times, but also to support in other ways such as shoveling snow, lifting of patients, assisting with care, and providing support for family in times of critical medical emergencies. This coordinated response to medical emergencies is highly effective and efficient at delivering quality care to those in need who live in or visit the City of Sheboygan.

In addition to providing emergent medical response, the fire department also works to meet the needs of local care by responding to requests for emergent and non-emergent inter-facility transfers for local hospitals and care facilities.

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